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Oak Grigsby 4 Way Switch for Fender Telecaster Mods

Oak Grigsby

7 available.

Sometimes, compromise is a good thing.

In the past, Tele players had to choose between having their pickups wired in parallel (standard Tele) vs. wired in series. Fender's factory-standard parallel wiring configuration offers relatively consistent output across all three pickup positions. But a Tele wired in series gives a "fatter" tone and higher output, when both pickups are on.

This high quality Oak Grigsby 4-way modification switch allows players to have both wiring options.


                  1. Bridge Pick Only

                  2. Bridge and Neck Pickups (in Parallel)

                  3. Neck Pickup Only

                  4. Bridge and Neck Pickups (in Series)- resulting in "fatter" tone and higher output

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