Nacho Music

We've had more than a few Nacho Music customers ask us why no one carries CTS left-handed, long shaft pots. We looked around and realized that we couldn't find them anywhere!

So we did the only logical thing- we went to CTS and had 'em made. And we didn't skimp on the details!

  • True reverse audio taper

  • Solid brass bushing. No molded or die-cast zinc bushings.

  • Solid brass shaft. No molded or aluminum shafts.

  • 10% tolerance. Every pot guaranteed to measure between 450K and 550K.

  • Both side lugs are up to ensure proper fit in Gibson Les Paul metal ground plates. (For other styles, just bend the lugs down).


Why should left-handed LP owners settle for linear taper pots, or reverse-wiring standard audio pots. Now you can get the right sound (no pun intended) from your Gibson Les Paul. Pick 'em up at Nacho Music here.

-NM — April 26, 2015