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Switchcraft 3-Way Gold-Tone Short Toggle Switches are here!

Thinking of replacing that gold toggle in your Epiphone Les Paul with a low quality version, because Switchcraft only makes a gold-tone long frame?

Enough of you asked about 'em- so we worked with Switchcraft and had them make us our own exclusive Switchcraft 3-Way Gold-Tone Short Toggle Switch.

So we're pretty sure that Nacho Music is the only company on the planet that carries them.

Drop one in your Epi Les Paul!

Nacho Music - June 09, 2015

CTS 500K Long Shaft Left-Handed Pots at Nacho Music!

We've had more than a few Nacho Music customers ask us why no one carries CTS left-handed, long shaft pots. We looked around and realized that we couldn't find them anywhere!

So we did the only logical thing- we went to CTS and had 'em made. And we didn't skimp on the details!

  • True reverse audio taper

  • Solid brass bushing. No molded or die-cast zinc bushings.

  • Solid brass shaft. No molded or aluminum shafts.

  • 10% tolerance. Every pot guaranteed to measure between 450K and 550K.

  • Both side lugs are up to ensure proper fit in Gibson Les Paul metal ground plates. (For other styles, just bend the lugs down).


Why should left-handed LP owners settle for linear taper pots, or reverse-wiring standard audio pots. Now you can get the right sound (no pun intended) from your Gibson Les Paul. Pick 'em up at Nacho Music here.

Nacho Music - April 26, 2015

We're Baaack!

It took us a while to get Nacho Music back up, but here we are. Better than ever. We have landed a few new dealerships so you will see our product base increasing nicely this year.


We'll still have items up on eBay and Amazon. But usually, the prices will be better here.


Well, best to keep it short. So thanks for sticking with us while we moved to this platform.

Nacho Music - February 14, 2014