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Swithcraft Switch Tip for Switchcraft and Gibson Toggle Switches Matte Cream / Ivory


You'll truly appreciate Switchcraft's commitment to detail when you put one of these little caps on your Switchcraft or Gibson toggle- especially if you've dealt with cheap knock-offs that screw on wobbly and don't quite sit right. You'll be surprised at how well made a switch tip can be.


  • Fits Switchcraft and most Gibson pickup selector toggle switches
  • Replacement for Gibson Creme Switch Cap (P/N PRTK-020)
  • Replacement or restoration part on most vintage and modern day Gibson guitars
  • Fits toggles for American Fender Jazzmasters, Toronados, '72 Custom and Deluxe Telecasters, and other models


Not designed for Epiphone, Squier, or other non-USA models that use metric switches.

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